I Am Ready to Move Once More

I spent a couple of days looking for a new place to stay and then after that I was hoping to get together with one of my pals that also needed to find a apartments in Northlake GA too. I have a number of them that are interested and I did not really have the means to get a place by myself. At any rate I made a deal with my buddy Jake, who I used to work with.However I needed a chiropractor after it was over though. We had to carry the furniture up two flights of stairs and it was a really bad idea for me. I would have been a whole lot better off if I had went to the Home Depot and hired a couple of guys to do it for me. In fact I would bet that we could have found some guys that would have done that part of it pretty cheaply. It only took about seventy minutes or so to do that part of it.

In fact I really like this place, but there was something I did not realize when I moved in this place. There is unit in the front and the back of our side of the hallway obviously. We face the back and in the unit next to ours there are three girls. As it turns out these ladies are what you might euphemistically call adult entertainers. They told us this after they invited us to one of their parties. In fact they seem to have something that comes very close to a party every single night, or in truth it is more like every single morning. As you might imagine they are working until last call many nights, so they do not get home until after midnight. After that they do not go to bed at all.